New Blogger; First Topic: Gun Control

Hello, everyone, I am a new blogger. I hope I can get off to a good start with my first post, but I won’t get my hopes up as I know only the very best get big in the blogging community. I hope to gain your support as a Conservative thinker. I know there are many others out there like me who want to get their words out to the world as they feel that the current state of our beloved country is the worst in recent memory. I know that everyone has their own distinctive ideas whether they be Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal. I would like the readers to know that no matter what I may say about someone I will always respect that person as a human being, unless, of course they do no do the same for others such as a certain couple of men in the news lately. I will not name names because they do not deserve it. Anyway, back to my introduction. I do not necessarily consider myself a Republican. I consider myself a Conservative, a part of the Tea Party Movement, a Civil Libertarian, a man of Faith.
On that note, you may be able to guess about how I feel about the topic of gun control. I realize many people may be burnt out on this topic, but I hope to offer some new insight. Now, the liberal agenda calls for “peace” amongst all peoples. I have two things to say on just the topic of peace. The first, peace is attainable, but not amongst a large enough number of people. You may ask what I mean by “large enough”. Well, it differs in basically every case. You see, the Man upstairs created us all with differing opinions, and though one person may be able to persuade others that his opinion is right, he will never persuade everyone. This is where Communists always fall short in the end on their attempts to control. No matter how much they force their opinions on their people, they can never persuade everyone, and a human being’s longing for freedom can never be fully extinguished whether it pops back up in their lifetime, their child’s lifetime, or their grandchild’s lifetime. The Rebel’s Yell can never be extinguished. Now, the second thing on peace is that since peace amongst all people is unattainable, peace in itself is irrelevant, and since this is the case, the goal of everyone should be to keep the right people safe. In order to keep the right people safe, we must t choose who the right people are and then put the measures in place that will keep them safe.
Taking from the last paragraph, I will first address the issue of the people in our country who need the most protection. Which, of course, starts with the children who are the future, the future of our people, the free people. Second, our women, the elderly, and the mentally ill, since I believe the Lord made it the man’s job to protect, and you have put the right protection in place to protect the children, then who is left? The women, the elderly, and the mentally ill are the ones left. Now on what measures to put in place. I use logic to figure out what works and what doesn’t, as I believe many people do. My logic tells me that when an evil person wants to do something evil, and it’s in their heart then nothing will stop them from doing it, except putting them somewhere where they can’t do the evil deed, whether it be in a cell or in the ground. A weapon used to do evil is just a tool. As many a man has said, “The fork didn’t eat the cake”. You see, the evil man is like the runaway train with no brakes, and the only way to stop it is to derail (kill) it or make it hit something so hard that it stops (lock it up).
In addition, when liberals say “We want to make it harder for them to kill people by limiting the size of magazines”, let me ask you something. First of all, when you limit the size of magazines to ten rounds, what will stop the murderer from taking ten loaded ten-round magazines with him instead of 3 or 4 thirty-round magazines to his killing spree? And on second thought, what is stopping a murderer from bringing molotov cocktails and a machete to his killing spree? And thirdly, what will stop the murderer from going to the black market and buying a 30-round magazine illegally. You see, if someone is willing to break the law to murder someone, they’re surely ready and willing to break the law to get the tools to do it. Therefore, the only way left to defend yourself is not by making new laws, but enforcing the laws you already have. Also, the more good people with guns on the street and anywhere, really, then the less bad people with guns in the same places.
Thank you everyone for reading. I will try to get new blogs out daily except on the weekends. I may skip a day or two here and there, but don’t we all? Thanks guys. Comment Please!


One thought on “New Blogger; First Topic: Gun Control

  1. When I think in terms of PEACE, I think of what the Bible says about it …. there will never be PEACE until He (Jesus Christ) comes/returns. That is why like you said, because of the difference in people, there can never truly be peace on earth. The Bible also speaks to WARS …. in saying that there will always be wars and rumors or wars until He comes. Since WAR and PEACE are antithetical terms, it stands to reason that until Christ returns, there will always be wars and there will not be peace until His return.

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