Shoutouts; Second Topic: Gay and Marriage

First thing is first in this fresh post. I would like to thank my first two followers, and give them a shoutout. Shoutout to Opinionatedman and Chris in VA. I really appreciate you guys, and seeing that I had two new followers on my first day made me even more eager to get my second post out there for the world to see. My topic today will be about gay and marriage. I call it this because I can’t put the two words together because of reasons you are about to learn in this post. Also, don’t worry, I will be getting off of the social issues after I cover abortion, and going on to either the news of the day or economic issues next week.

On that note, let me start off by saying that LGBT sounds like a delicious new sandwich at Subway. Lettuce, greens, bacon, and tomato, yum. Taking that into consideration, I know many people don’t like to offend “minorities” and what not, but remember not to take my jokes too seriously. Now, the goal of gays recently has been to legalize gay marriage. Hold it! Gay marriage? I’ve never heard of such a thing. You see, this is like making it legal for a short guy to be tall. You make it law, but it will never happen, because the term “short” is a word. Words have definitions. You can’t just go and take the definition of a word and make law. Well, you actually can, but everyone still knows what it really means. The point that I’m getting at is that if the government did pass a law that said gay people can get married, they could say they are married ’till they can’t say it anymore, but the fact is that no matter how many times they say they are married, they will never be married.

The word “marriage” was created and given a definition by God and was put in the Bible. You could say that marriage was adopted by the rest of the world. So, the fact is that marriage has a definition, and everyone knows what the definition is. People can view the definition of marriage however they would like, but the fact is that the word has one definition. It is the physical and spirtual bond between a man and a woman, and is a gift from God. So, what the LGBT community is trying to do is redefine the word that everyone in the world has a known definition of in their mind. This you just cannot do. So LGBTs want to be something they can never actually be. If you want to call yourself married then go ahead, more power to you. But to really believe that you are married when you can’t possibly be is an insult to married couples whether they understand it or not.

Thank you all for reading. If you agree please like and share. I will try and get a new blog out tomorrow. Thanks and have a nice day!


9 thoughts on “Shoutouts; Second Topic: Gay and Marriage

  1. Progress for the sake of progress is not necessarily a good thing.

    With the gay community, they are not asking for progress that benefits all of us — like a cure for cancer would. They are taking simply narcissistic view that progress that only benefits them is what is best for the world at large. Anyone who disagrees with them is the target for scorn and ridicule.

    Like you, I think that homosexulaity is a sin. However, as a fallibile human being, I leave that sin betweem them and God. I am not in a position to judge. But if they choose to inflict that nonsense on me I will voice my opinion.

    They also need to realize that introducing sexuality into places it does not need to be infringes on the rights of people who do not want to know about it, do not want to have to encounter it, and should not be forced to acknowledge or deal with it.

    1. I agree, I think we hould leave the judging to God, but the fact is that it is impossible for gay people to get married. No matter how many times they say it, it can’t happen. Thanks for the feedback.

    2. Go ahead and voice your opinion. I think it’s odious, so I’ll ignore you, but it’s your right to voice it and I’ll defend that right with all my breath.

      When you start to try to turn your opinions into civil statutes, though, you have to make a better argument than “I don’t like it.” See, because in spite of your peculiar use of the word “right,” in this particular constitutional democracy, other people do have the right to do things that you don’t like. One of them is date other people that you think they shouldn’t date, and create a life together with people that you think they shouldn’t create a life with.

      introducing sexuality into places it does not need to be infringes on the rights of people who do not want to know about it, do not want to have to encounter it, and should not be forced to acknowledge or deal with it.

      Let me make sure I’m following this correctly. If I don’t want to know about someone’s sexuality, they should oblige me by shutting up about it? You mean, I don’t have to leave the room, they do?

      See, I don’t want to know about my parents’ sexuality. Ick. I’m sorry, thinking about my parents having sex is just not something I should be forced to do. So you’re saying, if they want to allude to the fact that they are actually sexual beings, by, for example, kissing in front of me, or making outrageous statements like “When Mom was pregnant with you” that force me to contemplate the fact that they once had sex, then they should do it where I can’t see or hear them? Can we make a law to that effect, please?

    1. Perhaps I should be more specific. You write:

      “[Marriage] is the physical and spirtual bond between a man and a woman, and is a gift from God.”

      But the Bible actually says:

      (1) Marriage is a financial transaction between two men when property passes from one to the other. For example, as commanded in Deuteronomy 22:28-29, marriage is a punishment? prize? to a rapist, and to a rape victim, a life sentence in prison with repeated rapes by the man who raped her. Marrying the man who raped her is not an option for a girl or woman who has been raped; it is a requirement, because as the passage makes clear, she is not regarded as a person, as you seem to think God thinks she is; she is a piece of her father’s property, the value of which has been destroyed by the rape.

      (2) Marriage is a way to propagate a man’s line by the convenient fiction that his brother is now him. For example, Genesis 38:6-10 describes the strict requirement of a man to marry his brother’s widow and thus give his brother posthumous sons. A physical bond it may be, but spiritual? Neither the man nor the woman has any choice in the matter. Nowadays we call that rape, too, but according to you, God approved it and we should regard it as a gift. I know some men who should be killed by God because they have failed even to try to impregnate their late brother’s childless widow. In fact, I’m not sure why God has allowed them to live. Can you explain?

      (3) Marriage is the institution of legal kidnapping and rape of women who are, well, I was going to say prisoners of war, but they aren’t even that, are they? They’re booty, like cattle or jewels. Deuteronomy 21:11-13 says men may impose marriage on women whose lands they have conquered in war. The Bible calls it marriage. What would you call it if another country conquered the US, took the women you know to that country, and justified “marriages” like this?

      (4) Marriage is between a man and one thousand women, according to 1 Kings 11:3. This is not from the “don’t” list; this is one of God’s anointed. The Bible is a big fan of bigamy, in fact, and of concubinage, i.e., “marriage” between a man and his property or his wife’s property. At least, where I come from, slaves are property. I’m not clear on what the “spiritual bond” between an enslaved person and the man who has enslaved her would be. She has no freedom of choice, of movement, no right to refuse him, no right to marry someone she loves who will treat her well–sounds like we’re talking about rape again.

      I could go on, but I think four examples are enough. That’s the Bible on marriage. Are you sure it’s a good guide to what marriage is, is not, and ought to be?

      And are you really confident that it matches up with what the person on the street, this wide world of people whom you think all think the same way and agree with you, would say about marriage? Because in my experience, most people think marriage is something people undertake willingly, out of mutual love and respect, and because they want to take responsibility for a shared life and each other’s wellbeing. Whereas the Bible, in the passages I’ve cited, doesn’t care a fig about people’s will, whether they love or respect each other in the slightest, or a shared life of mutual care and responsibility.

      1. #1. Thank you for commenting, and no matter what you think, I do respect everyone’s opinion, and I also know that people have differing opinions than mine. That statement was as rediculous as the entire comment itself.

        #2 I did not try to difine the word marriage exactly as the Bible does, I was just giving my interpretation of it.

        #3 The way you interpret the Bible is incorrect. You have a right to try and use the Bible against an intelligent Christian, but I would suggest you don’t do that unless you feel like getting schooled.

        #4 None of what you said gives any reason why you think gays should be able to marry. In fact, you were so busy attacking my faith that you forgot what the topic was.

        #5 There was one common problem with all of the Bible verses that you tried to use against me, they were all from the Old Testament. There is this thing that we Christians like to call the New Testament, it involves this Man who was God that came to earth and died for our sins. In case you haven’t noticed, things such as moral standards were completely different in the Old Testament. For instance, during the Old Testament times, people had to send offerings to God in order for their sinsto be forgiven. Also, people lived to be hundreds of years old. Also, two people walked straight into heaven. “We also have less horses and bayonets”. I’m just giving examples of how things were totally backwards from the way they are now. If you can find something like this in the New Testament, give me a heads-up. I will admit, in the New Testament, Paul does say that the wife is her husband’s slave, but it also says that a husband must be good to his wife. This, I belive comes from the story of Adam and Eve in the Christian faith that says woman was created from man.

        #6 My statement still stands that the term “marriage” comes from God and is stated in the Bible and has a set defnition that the definition can’t be changed by someone who had no part in producing the term. GBLTs can say they are married all they want, but the fact is that they can’t be married. Thank you again for your comment, that is all.

      2. #1 “That statement was as rediculous as the entire comment itself.” I’m sorry, I don’t know what statement you’re talking about.

        #2 I quote: “The word ‘marriage’ was created and given a definition by God and was put in the Bible.” I then cited four examples of how marriage was described by the text you call authoritative. You have not answered the question of why any of us should take this description of marriage as definitive.

        #3 School me, then. Those passages seem very clear to me. You’re the one who’s saying the Bible tells us that marriage is a gift from God. I’m pointing out that that is a rather selective and skewed reading. Just saying “you’re incorrect” is not having an effect.

        #4: Why everyone should be able to marry has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. We live under civil law, and civil law in this country is not governed by anyone’s religion, thank God. I am interested in the religious argument because I’m a minster and passionate about correct understandings of the Bible, but what the Bible has to say about marriage has nothing to do with US law. US law says that we all get equal protection under the law, and that marriage is a civil contract that conveys certain privileges and responsibilities. There is no valid LEGAL reason for a county clerk to deny a marriage license to any two unrelated, consenting adults, while granting it to the next pair of unrelated, consenting adults who comes in. It’s time that our laws came into alignment with our constitution.

        #5 So what does the New Testament say about marriage? Can we see a complete list? I’m glad you are throwing out that awful OT stuff, but I’m sure you don’t mean to just rely on two verses from Paul, one that you do want us to live by, and the other that you don’t. What is it the authors of the NT (none of whom, by the way, claims to be God) say marriage is? Do you agree with them?

        #6 Well, I am one of those people who not only says she is married, but is married. I will tell you why I’m married: because my wife and I promised each other, in our church and in front of our family and friends, that we would love and honor each other for the rest of our lives. That’s the religious and emotional basis of our marriage. (As to our civil marriage, we are married because the state issued us a license saying, “yep, you are two unrelated consenting adults–if you want to enter into this contract, and you agree to be bound by it, sign here,” and we signed it and sent it in.)

        I don’t agree with you that everyone knows and agrees what marriage is. Here’s what I think it is: a sacred commitment, entered into freely by people capable of choice and consent, to share their lives in mutual love, respect, and support. In fact, it is that spiritual and physical bond, a blessing from our creator, of which you speak. I know that in the times the Bible was written, many people assumed that it took place only between men and women, if they even thought of marriage as this exalted thing you and I think it is at all, instead of one of the four examples I gave.

        Maybe you should come visit. Come to dinner–we’re good cooks and hospitable folks. See how we cook together, give thanks for the food, tell each other about our work days, quibble over the chores, coax our daughter to finish her homework and snuggle with her while we read her her bedtime story, figure out our vacation plans over a cup of tea and discuss whether we can afford them. It’s a marriage. A shared life.

  2. #1 Honestly, I’m tired of talking about this issue and social issues in general, but I will leave you with one more reply, and hopefully you will see where I am coming from. I am not going to quote scripture because my point in the first place was to describe why marriage should not be involved in US law in the first place. Marriage is not a legal issue. I am not going to get into a debate over my faith because my faith is sacred to me and I don’t need to argue it because I already believe it to be true.
    #2 You said, “Why everyone should be able to marry has nothing whatsoever to do with religion”. Actually, it has everything to do with religion because, for the one hundredth time, marriage is based on religion! Marriage should not be a legal issue. Lawmakers do not have the authority to say “marriage means this”. Marriage should not be a political issue to be debated because the definition is set and cannot be changed.
    #3 The US government did not create marriage, so what gives them the right to dictate to us what marriage means?
    #4 You also said “We live under civil law, and civil law in this country is not governed by anyone’s religion, thank God”. So, if religion doesn’t govern this country, then why should this country govern religion by dictating something that has nothing to do with law and everything to do with religion?
    #5 I refer back to my analogy in this original post. The government telling GBLT that it is legal to get married is like the government telling a short man that it is legal to be tall because, firstly, the law has nothing to do with how tall you are, and, secondly, the short man can walk on stilts and call himself tall all he wants. Heck, everyone who sees him can call him tall all they want, but the fact remains that he is short and always will be.
    #6 You sound like a nice couple, and I’m sure you are good cooks, but I prefer coffee.

    -Keep calm and do work.

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