New Blogger; Fourth Post: Communism

My topic today was going to involve abortion, but I just wasn’t feeling it today for that topic. Therefore, today I will talk about Communism since I have already posted a picture of Communists in America. It has been a good first half week in the blogging world. Once again I thank all of my new followers, and I appreciate that you are willing to stand up for what you belive in by supporting someone who has the same beliefs.

On that note, let me get started by saying that in America, you are allowed to have any opinion you want (at least that’s what the government wants you to think). You see, the government respects everyone’s opinion until it does not fit their agenda, but that is another topic for another day. So, anyone can think and feel however they want in the United States, and that includes politically and any other way people think or feel. That’s the beauty of this country, and I’m not going to knock Communists for voicing their opinions, but I’m going to knock them for what their opinions are. Communists believe in equality, but just like peace, true equality can never be fully achieved. As long as there is difference in the world, whether it be different opinions, different body types, different people, there can never be equality. Equality implies that two or more things are the same. We learn this in math, where two numbers are considered equal when they are the same. It is the exact same thing with human beings. So, when a Communist offers people equality, what they are really offering is a sick, twisted world in which everyone makes the same amount of money, eats the same food, has the same skillsets, and no one can be better at anything than anyone else while there are a few people at the very top who have everything while people under them have nothing.

Since people are different in every way, and always will be, this is why Communism fails. People will realize “Hey I really am good at math even though I make the same grades as everyone else. This is not fair to me that I have to make the same grades as all of the slacker kids while I work my tail off.” In the illusion that they are being fair to everyone, they are really not being fair to anyone by making the hard workers and smart people feel as though they are worth less than what they really are, and making the slackers feel as though they can keep slacking because they are doing just as good as the smart people and the hard workers. This is why, in America, when you here the words “wealth gap” or something related to that, you know the gap is not really between the rich and the poor, but between those who work hard and those who don’t. Now you may say “But there’s a lot of hard workers who are still poor”. Let me tell you something, if those people who work very hard and are still poor had worked that hard in school, do you think they would be where they are today? If they had worked harder at making better decisions, do you think they would be where they are today? Just something think about next time you hear a liberal say that there are hard workers that are poor.

We also keep in mind that as long as we support the leaches of society, they will always be there. So, what do you do to get the unemployment rate down? You cut entitlements, simple as that. But, now that the leaches are so used to getting their entitlements, once they are cut, they are not going to go out and find a job, they are going to end up like Occupy Wall St. So, what do you do then? You leave them alone and let them protest all they want. Eventually they will run out of resources and be forced to either find a job or turn to violence. The ones that find a job should be celebrated, while the ones who turn to violence will be locked up in the lavish prisons around the country. This is another area where the government needs to stop spending so much money, prisons. Stop putting flat screen TVs in prisons and start putting that money where you really need it, towards the national debt. Our job isn’t to appease the prisoners in this country.

I hope everyone has found this post enlightening today, I will be posting again on Monday, hopefully. Please leave feedback. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “New Blogger; Fourth Post: Communism

  1. Even though I’m a liberal, I agree with you on a lot of things. 1. Communism is an overall bad idea. 2. “…the government respects everyone’s opinion until it does not fit their agenda”
    However, I have disagree about the poor not working hard in school. I come from an upper-middleclass background, so it was always hard for me to understand why the poor stayed poor, until I started tutoring. It all comes down to our capitalist society and our AWFUL inner city public school system. After tutoring children from these crappy schools, with teachers who have pretty much given up on them, its hard for me to see the majority of them succeeding. Higher education, is not even in their mindset because to them, it would always be unattainable. Scholarships and grants are getting less and less and harder to obtain, and jobs for students are almost impossible to find.

    Any who, I always love hearing from my conservative fellows, as balance is everything. Keep it up 🙂

    1. First, I want to thank you for reading my blog and giving feedback. I also think you are too smart to be a liberal. Most liberals can’t see that the school system is a failure. I know this is true. I also know that it is true that there are leaches in our society, and I know that you do as well, and when a leach in society has a child, their leachiness is bound to wear off on the child unless the parent can change it or the child just has a good work ethic, but in the majority of the cases with the leaches, this does not happen. When a student shows laziness and is unwilling to work, that is when the teacher gives up on the students. If a child is willing to work, in most cases even if it only one child who wants to work, it boosts the teachers morale and makes them feel like they have something to work with. I have been in the public school system fairly recently, and I know from experience at being in public school that the cool kids these days are doing drugs, having sex, and generally not caring about school. I was personally called a nerd at school simply for completing a project that was due. The point that I’m getting at is that there are two problems in this area. Lack of parenting and lack of discipline and a lack of a decent public school system. What I meant when I said that poor people could be successful if they worked hard enough in school was that I meant that if they put in the extra effort and did all the extra credit they could do and studied as much as they could for every test and get good grades then they could get a scholarship or a grant which are not being given out as much as before because people are abusing them or just going to college and getting useless degrees. When the child works hard and gets a scholarship they go to college and put in the extra effort and take useful classes like business training or training in a certain field in which they have confidence they can use to find a job later. This has been done many times before. An example off of the top of my head is Benjamin Carson. In fact, every rich family had an ancestor that started off poor and worked their way up. You see, everyone has to start somewhere. “Equality isn’t about equal results, but it is about equal opportunity.” And I agree that we need to put the correct measures in place to create equal opportunity, and that means we need better parenting. This can be achieved by getting the leaches not to be leaches anymore. Thanks for commenting!

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