New Blogger; Topic 5: Terrorism vs. Rights?

Hello, everyone I’m back after a good weekend fishing. I hope everyone had a good weekend as well. I have a very good topic I will be discussing today. I also have a couple of shoutouts for a few followers. A shoutout to Safiyyah Frans and last100swipes. Thanks for the support guys, and don’t forget to leave feedback. For this week I will be covering the most important news of the day and giving my commentary.

My topic today covers a teenage boy who was arrested on terrorism charges after he posted lyrics to a rap that included references to the Boston bombings and the White house. The references were said to be threatening. The teen faces twenty years in prison. Oh, by the way, this incident happened in Massachusetts. So, why did I choose this story to cover? Well, when I read the story, I really could not understand when some of the people in the United States decided to give up their rights to stay “safe”. Ayone can see the breach into the rights of this kid’s rights.

Luckily for this kid, I believe the defense will have the best case in the trial, but that’s assuming that they will even have a trial. I honestly don’t see why this isn’t a bigger story, I mean if I hadn’t been looking through all the articles I could find today, then I would’ve never even heard the story. You see, this country was founded on a few basic rights, and the mos important of those are life, liberty, and privacy of the individual. Do you think what has happened to this kid is a reflection of these basic rights?

There is not much more that can be said about this really, besides the obvious which I have already stated. If this is the first you have heard of this story leave some feedback with your opinions on whether we should give up our basic rights so that we can give more power to the government to keep us “safe” and why it is a good or bad idea. Sorry for such a short article tonight, but it’s late and I’m tired. Thanks for the support and feedback.




2 thoughts on “New Blogger; Topic 5: Terrorism vs. Rights?

  1. Do citizens have a say, in it? “Giving Up” on some Liberties, negotiable, only when Gov, serious and effective enough, in protecting us.
    Americans, gave up lots in name of “Safety” when getting so far, nothing but “More Terrorism Activities In Their Homeland,” just saying.

  2. Thank you for the feedback and support. I believe citizens choose whether they have a say in these kinds of things. If you choose to speak up whether it be at a protest or on the internet or through a petition, then you have a say in it. Also, the most important thing to keep these things from happening is voting. The side that doesn’t get their base out to vote loses, simple as that, and we saw just how it can happen from the last election. Your vote counts! I believe that the people who sit back and watch all of this unravel without doing one of the things Imentioned above are the ones giving up their rights and the rights of teir fellow Americans. I’m one of those peope who believe that when it comes to certain things, government just shouldn’t get involved because when they do, they feel as if they must do something, and that’s when laws are made and bills are passed that mean nothing but bad for te American people. Thanks for the comment, I love it when people make me have to make myself more clear on these topics.

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