Shoutouts; Topic 6: Kidnappings and Breaking News

Hello, everyone, and thanks for reading again tonight, I really appreciate all of everyone’s support. I’m glad to see peope interested in politics and supporting someone who may not have the same opinions as them, but still is willing to say what they believe and share it with others. I have a few shoutouts for t_bluz, everydaypowerblog and chainsoff. I really appreciate the feedback. It helps me a lot. Today, the big news of the day is the three women who were held captive all for around ten years who were rescued. I know this isn’t really a political issue, but there really wasn’t any big political news today, and if this trend continues I might hav to stop doing the news of the day until something comes up, bu for now I will give my commentary on this ordeal and the man who helped rescue the women, what a charcter.

So, these three women were kidnapped all within a three year period, were held captive for a decade by three men, according to the news article. What I can’t understand is how, in a neighborhood full of people, did the police get away with not doing their job for so many years, because according to what I read, the police were actually called by a neighbor who claims she saw “a naked woman” in the backyard. So, the police are quick to respond when a kid is posting lyrics to a song, but not when there is a naked woman living captive in someone’s home. But then again, they always say the best place to hide something is in plain sight. Anyway, just a thought, but even thought this is already a great story, it gets even better. We got to see another “Ain’t nobody got time for that” moment with the guy who helped save one of the women from the home, and if you haven’t seen the video, just look up “Ain’t nobody got time for that” on youtube.

So, the man who saved the first woman was a neighbor who heard her calls for help and got her to a phone so she could call the police. This guy is quite a character. In an interview, he said “I knew something was wrong when a little white girl ran up to a black man”. That’s kind of self-demeaning, to be honest, but it is pretty funny which is why I wanted to share it.

Luckily, as I am posting this blog, there is breaking news stating that Mark Sanford has won the South Carolina Congressional race that has been all over the news lately. Sanford is a former Governor of South Carolina who was running for the Congressional seat against the sister of political satirist Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Colbert Busch. This is a pretty big win for the Republicans in South Carolina and Republican in general especially because of all of the media coverage. It’s good to know that there is still a place where the Republicans can still get their base out. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come in the mid-term elections in 2014, but I’m knocking on wood. Please leave feedback on whether or not you believe this is a good sign or that it means nothing, because it is in a place not really known for housing many liberals.

Thank you again for reading and supporting my blog. I hope to see some feedback on my questions because the mid-terms really are a big deal to me and I’m sure to many Conservatives. This really could be a big deal or it could be nothing. I hope you read tomorrow’s blog. I’m not quite sure what exactly it will be about, but I know there will be a good topic out there somewhere.



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