Political Blogger; Topic 7: Extreme Sensitivity

Hello, everyone, and thank you for reading my blog again tonight, and tonight I have an article that I found about two young boys who were suspended from school for two days because they were pointing pencils at each other and were making “machine gun” noises. Now, if this is not sensitivity at its worst then I don’t know what is, so let’s get into it.

I read this article today and was surprised to find that this incident happened in Virginia, and that the teacher who reported the children just happened to overhear the “machine gun noises” and took the boys to the principal’s office. The teacher then proceeded to call the mother of one of the boys to tell her what her son had done. The mother asked the teacher if he son had pointed the pencil or made any kind of threatening gestures toward any of the other children. The teacher said no, but the teacher said that she had to report the boy anyway. The principal told the boy’s mom when she got to the school that the school had a “zero tolerance policy against weapons or anything resembles a weapon”, and a school representative later said that “A pencil is a weapon when it is pointed at someone in a threatening way and gun noises are made”.

Aren’t you so glad about how are teachers are taught to be so politically correct? Man, this is just great that are teachers are so smart that they can’t even distinguish between when a child is actually being threatening, and when they are just playing around. Let me just remind you that these are second or third grade kids. If I was suspended for every tie I did something like this when I was a kid, I would have never been in school. How are we teaching our children to be themselves when we are punishing them for doing just that. If a child wants to grow up and be an army man then let him use his imagination. I believe, as a few people have said, that we ae going through the wussification of our country. How are any of our kids going to grow up and be able to pick up a gun and defend our country when we have them scared to pretend to shoot a pencil? But, isn’t this the goal of the liberals? To get the world to live in peace without guns and without weapons. A fairy wonderland full of unicorns an rainbows, yes, I can see it now, but wait what is that? Is that a Chinese soldier detaining an American rebel in the Chinese States of America? Or even the Russian or Iranian States of America. Do you know how many people would love to get their hands on the greatest country in the world, and some of us are perfectly fine with letting the wussification process proceed as usual.

I hope that I have spread some light on an issue that some of you have been burning on or may have never heard before. I don’t think many people have heard this story before, as I just happened to stumble upon the article by accident. I really appreciate everyone’s feedback and support. I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and all of my previous ones. I hope to bring a new one tomorrow.



One thought on “Political Blogger; Topic 7: Extreme Sensitivity

  1. What is really sad to me is that the TEACHERS don’t seem to have any common sense as to know the difference between THREATS and PRETEND/ROLE PLAYING! I agree with your points. If I had been the teacher, all I would have done would have been to ask the kids to turn around in their seats, put their pencils down and PAY ATTENTION in class! GEESH! Is that so hard to do????

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