Political Blogger; Topic 8: What Is a Conservative?

Hello, everyone and thank you for reading my blog an being a concerned citizen, concerned for your country, that is. I have a special topic tonight. I will be describing exactly what it is I believe in. I am a Conservative, not a Republican and not a Democrat, a Conservative. In this post I will describe to you just what that means. I will describe to you what a Conservative is. I hope you like the post and leave feedback.

I am an American. I have my opinions just as every other living human being does. Some people have opinions similar to mine, and some people have opinions the exact opposite of mine. I am writing this post tonight to explain to everyone what my opinions are. If you are a liberal, have you ever thought “what are Conservatives thinking? They are insane.” Well, you will learn how a Conservative thinks. I’m not speaking for all of the Conservatives out there, just most of them.

First, the way I define a Conservative is someone who believes in avoiding making any major changes as much as possible and who believe in the traditional ways of doing things as well as thinking things out completely before making any major changes to something important. Conservatives hold on strong to their beliefs. Conservatives believe in limited government and focus on the well being of the individual in this country instead of certain groups. A conservative also believes in maintaining the vision of our founding fathers for this country, which includes making sure that each and every person in this country keeps all of their basic freedoms and that these freedoms are never infringed upon. The preservation of rights is very important to conservatives.

Conservatives believe in a free market and Capitalism because everyone knows that competition is best for businesses in a country full of so many business. Conservatives believe that the market should choose the winners and losers and not the government. Conservatives also believe in limited government regulation in business as it makes it so much harder for businesses to succeed when there are so many unnecessary rules to follow. Some regulation is good, but not all. Since many Conservatives are old-fashioned, a big thing with them is that everyone should work and make money s that they can contribute to society by paying taxes and paying for goods that decide the fate of a business. You could say that the early colonists in Jamestown and other early colonies in the United States had some Conservative views, as they had a policy that basically said that “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

Conservatives believe that the less in this country that is run by the government, the better. The believe that it is not fair when you have a government program that interferes in the private marketplace because then you have what I have mentioned before which is government picking the winners and losers and goes completely against what a free market is all about, which also goes against what this county was founded on which is a big no no.

I hope you all have enjoyed this post. I hope to bring you another one tomorrow. Please leave feedback. I would love to consider everyone else’s point of view. Thank you.



One thought on “Political Blogger; Topic 8: What Is a Conservative?

  1. I am proud to say that I am also a Conservative! I would SOOO love to see smaller government and get this country back in order! I agree with your blog and enjoy it!

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