Political Blogger; Topic 9: American Tyranny?

Hello, everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. My topic today is about something that I just found and reblogged. It is about American tyranny. If you didn’t see it, check it out on my page. Since it is on my page, I will go straight into my commentary on the subject. I hope you will leave feedback, and I thank everyone who does.

On that note, I am really actually surprised that the the government was going after the liberal media and also that the liberal media was fighting back and was not intimidated by the government. I believe that this kind of stuff has been going on for longer than many people are saying, and the AP finally got tired of it. Now, though, the stuff is hitting the fan and I believe more will be uncovered. I am also making the prediction that no matter what happens, Obama, just like with Fast and Furious, will use executive privilege to cover Eric Holder’s tail, and what will we do about it? Nothing, just like Fast and Furious. In fact, during Fast and Furious, Holder was held in contempt of Congress. What happened after that? Nothing, so what was the point, exactly? Who knows. One thing is for sure, while some people will stand back and keep talking on their obamaphones, furiously pursuing their unemployment checks, and driving their Escalades to go get food stamps, there are many, even though you might not hear it this way, that will take action. The rights of the people is not to be infringed upon.

You see, we run the govenrment, the government does not run us. Some people have forgotten that. You can tell when Chris Rock goes in front of the press and tells the people that “Obama is like the father of the country, and when your father tells you to do something, you do it.” Yeah, I bet you never heard that one, and that was a while ago. I hope you all take everything that goes down from now on seriously, because if you don’t, things worse than this will slip right under everybody’s nose, and eventually someone will be burning the Constitution. Ask your liberal friends what they think about this, or if they’ve even heard about it. Enlighten the uninformed, because it can help even though some people can’t see past their own bigotry.

I hope everyone can leave some feedback, and I will be bringning you more Conservative blogging later on.


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