What Is Freedom?

Freedom is a great idea. Freedom, believe it or not does involve control. Freedom involves control by the people over their government. When things start getting twisted the other way around is when we lose our freedom. If you think about it, does freedom involve a lot of rules? No, it does not, yet when you ask for bigger government, that means  that you want government to intervene in something. When government intervenes in something, it always ends up with more rules than before. Therefore, bigger government means less freedom. The next time you talk to a liberal, ask them why they want less freedom in America, because I really want to know.

I believe that freedom must involve responsibility. If someone is responsible, they take care of themselves. When you have a bunch of people who work hard and make money to take care of themselves and their families, but you also have people who take advantage of other people’s hard work by gathering entitlements which are paid for by the hard-working man  or woman then you essentially have hard-working people being enslaved by the leeches as I like to call them. This is not freedom for the working man. People say that the rich are evil because they take people’s money. The rich don’t take people’s money, they earn people’s money. When a rich person makes money, it was that person’s choice to give them that money whether it be for an item sold by a business or something else. When a person on entitlements gets someone else’s money, that money was taken through taxes, that money was not earned. Who is evil now? All of this is what freedom is not.

Freedom is an individual’s right to work and make money and spend that money however they want. Freedom is every person paying a very small portion of that money that they earn to a small government whose only job is to serve the people and guarantee that the people’s rights are kept, because a person’s rights are sacred. A person’s rights are their freedom. A person’s rights are not to be infringed upon. A person’s rights can’t be taken, only given up, therefore freedom can not be taken, only given up. In the case that someone is trying to take away your rights, what should you do? Resist the control. Keep calm and do work.

I leave you tonight with a few words of widom. If your life is hard work, you’re doing something right.


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