Are “We the People” the Problem With America?

The United States is the most powerful nation in the world. This statement is not all what you think it is. This statement not only means that the US has the strongest military in the world, but it also means that America has the biggest impact on the world in terms of what is socially accepted. America is the trendsetter of the world. If something is cool in the United States, it’s cool everywhere else. The thing is, the country itself is not what sets the trends, but the people of the United States. Everyone in the world who does not live in the US wishes they lived in the US. They look up to people who have freedom. They want to be like us. We are the leader of the “herd”.

When the leader of the heard is an idiot, it makes all of the followers want to be idiots. There is a “dumbing down” going on in our society. It is the norm to drop out of school and have kids when you’re fifteen and sixteen years old. There are no morals left. This is caused by the government, but it is the people who allow it to happen to them. The government offers contraception to fifteen year old girls, so they are basically saying that it is ok to prematurely mate, but it is the girls who have the final decision of what they do with their bodies, and since it is the cool thing to do, they do it. Government controls the education in this country. They make it easier and easier for people who can’t even read to graduate high school, yet, it is the people who put up with this and don’t pressure the government to do something about it. I’m not saying that this is the case for every person  in this country, but a big part of the country that is still climbing, and this does not give our country a good name. Barack Obama was right, there needs to be a fundamental change in America, just not the way he imagined it.

Another bad trend that I see by the “popular” people in this country look down upon politics, but the thing is that it is not only is politics looked down upon, but people who want to stand up for what they believe in and make a difference are looked down upon. This country is becoming close-minded. The people take in what they are fed by the mainstream of society, and anything that goes against or is different from what they are fed is considered crazy or insane. This monster is called political correctness. This is what brings down the real America which is a flurry of differing opinions, by calling whatever is not politically correct insane. Again, the government feeds this to the people, but the people accept it. There are a few who can stand up and make a difference, however. Keep calm and do work.

“The man who works is the man who eats, and the man who eats is the man who prospers.”


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