Why Is the US Military the Best In the World?

The US Military has always been the strongest in the world. There are a few reasons for this besides the common reasons that you may hear from liberals who think that it is because we spend way too much money on our military and defense in general, or that it’s because we “have less horses and bayonets”. You see, our military is the best in the world because they aren’t just soldiers, they are citizens who decided they wanted to fight for their fellow citizens, their country, and their freedom. They are citizens, but they are heroes also.

Let me explain. Many countries, mainly countries ruled by totalitarians, like to keep a good relationship with their military to keep them from siding with the citizens who want to revolt, therefore they treat them as “higher-ups” or just treat them better than the citizens in general. The troops in these countries are also raised knowing that they will have to enter the military and, therefore grow up training and preparing for their service believeing that they are better than an ordinary person.

Things in the United States are very different. Troops in the US are raised knowing that they can do whatever they want with their lives. They grow up as ordinary citizens. They know how to connect with ordinary people. Since they can connect with ordinary people, the US military capitalizes on this. They do this by really bringing out this communication skill through training and even going as far for Green Beret Special Forces to teach them the language of the place that they’re sending the troops so that they can go and find allies behind enemy lines, and since the people of all of these totalitarian countries only know that all their military does is harass them so it is easy for our troops to go in their and find people willing to give information and even fight for our cause. It is not only the Special Forces who do this though. Have you seen the pictures of all of the troops in afghanistan giving the children candy and little gifts and talking with the adults and just being able to connect  with the people who live with the enemy? This is impossible for the other countries because all they know is to kill the enemy and advance, but they would never expect to get attacked from behind by their own people.

Also, when our troops come home whether their time is up or they are home for a visit, they are treated like normal citizens so they know exactly how all of the other citizens feel because they are citizens. Since they know how the people feel, they will always fight for the people and never against them, and if you attack their people, you’re going down. Troops in totalitarian countries, honestly, could care less if a few people die in their country because all they know is to keep the people under control and that the people are under them. Our troops love the country and the people and the liberty that they defend, and that’s what makes them strong.

Keep calm and do work.

“Once someone has a taste of freedom, the flame will never die.”


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