The Working Man Ain’t Dead.

There is this movement going on that really isn’t a movement, but it is a state of mind. It is a view of reality shared by many that just happens to make perfect sense. It is a group of people who want the best for the country they love and are ready to fight for it. It is a group of people who love their rights as individuals in a free nation who won’t back down from tyranny when it comes knocking at their door. It is an opinion based on reality. It is an opinion based on experience and success. It is an opinion that learns from failure and capitalizes on its opponent’s weakness. It is a realization that occur rs at the perfect time. It is the view shared by only the smartest on earth. It is a way of life for many a man and many a woman. It is the base on which America stands and the hand to lift it up when it falls. It is the reason there is no tyranny. It gets stronger with more scrutiny. It gets pushed but does not budge. It is the unstoppable force and the immovable object. It is here, and it is here to stay. It is the defender of our rights. It is the defender of our liberty. It has been and always will be the right way. It is a belief, a work ethic, and a savior of our great country. It is coming back to replant its roots which were ripped up, though not completely, by big government. It is the mortar which holds up the brick which are the principles of our country. It is many things. It is Conservatism, with its spokesperson, the working man, and its foremost guardian, the Tea Party.


2 thoughts on “The Working Man Ain’t Dead.

  1. Very eloquently stated! One might can destroy a body, but one cannot destroy a soul. The soul of America is still here; it is challenged, but it will live on in the lives of those who work hard and stand for the principles of this American heritage! We still have that fight in us! God bless America!

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