The Government Rewards Laziness.

When the United States was founded, nobody had to worry about lazy people. They knew that if a man didn’t work, they wouldn’t last long, and would either go hungry or get up off their lazy tail and get a job. Nobody had to worry about whether people in their community or even in their country would go hungry at dinner time. Everybody knew that everyone had to work to survive, and that if they were able to work and didn’t work then there was no need for them to even be involved in the American way of life because there was no room for laziness. They knew that no matter what, they were paying the taxes for their convenience and not for the convenience of some lazy fool sitting on their couch that didn’t even deserve to be part of the country. You see, the original Americans did not have to worry because the reason that each and every one of them was here was to make a living for themselves and their families by working hard. In fact, they knew that there were no free rides here, and that was a reason why many of them decided to come to America. They were tired of tyranny and being taxed to death. They just wanted to get away from government and live their own lives. Well, I’m here to say that government has found us again, and it’s time to do something about it. 

Now that I think about it, the best thing for the country to do would be to look back and have a history lesson which not many kids have any more by the way, and look back to the original settlers of the Thirteen Colonies and think about why many of them fled England at the time. If the reasons that they fled England seem like the reasons you would want to flee the United States today, something is wrong. We need a change, folks, and a change is coming. I just hope the change comes soon.

Until the change comes, just keep calm and do work.



2 thoughts on “The Government Rewards Laziness.

  1. For the people that follow these injustices on a daily basis, it is maddening to see our country vanishing before our eyes. Keep fighting the fight and posting to spread the word!

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