The Media Using the Oklahoma Tornadoes to Boost Ratings.

A certain news channel with a certain news host decided it would be nice to invite an atheist onto their show for an interview and ask this atheist if she “thanked the Lord?”. In reply, the atheist decided to tell the news host and the world exactly how she felt. Now, she was very calm and collected and professional about it. She did not have a fiery hatred burning inside of her when she heard this questions as many atheists would. I commend her for this, but it almost seemed to perfect of a response. Oh, and by the way, I will post the link to the youtube video on my blog.

So, the entire question during this interview was “We’re happy you’re here, and, I guess, you gotta thank the Lord, right? Do you think the Lord?” It then took a minute for the woman to awkwardly say that she was an atheist and then kind of laugh the whole thing off. I don’t have a problem with the woman at all, except that she was being used as a tool by this certain news network. You see, this news network has not been doing too extremely well, and so in order to get more viewers, they believe that they need to get themselves out there to where very many people will see them. In order to do this, they must do what many news networks have done which is get themselves being talked about on the major social media sites. To do this, they believe that the best way is to have “awkward” or “silly” moments which won’t take away from their reporting or make their reporting look bad. I don’t have a problem with this, except when they decide to do it in the wake of a tragedy in which little children died, and while talking about the tragedy itself. You see, trying to boost ratings in the wake of a tragedy like this.

Another thing, if a Christian was on your show and had just survived one of the most violent tornadoes in years, you wouldn’t have to ask them if they “thanked the Lord”, because they’d tell you right off the bat. This interview just seemed a little too rigged for me, but even if it wasn’t rigged, this news correspondent is stereotyping. I mean, asking a white person from Oklahoma if they “thanked the Lord”, that’s like asking a…well, I’d better not say it. I have one more thing to say. Where are all of the “humanitarian” Hollywood fakes who show so much sympathy for Sandy Hook and Aurora. Shouldn’t these people be talking about how we should be helping Moore bounce back. Oh, but I forgot, guns weren’t involved in this tragedy, and there is no political gain that can come from this, so just forget it.


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