Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts are the latest to cave in to pressure from the left and LGBT. This issue isn’t about acceptance, but it is about principles and values and tradition. Why does this country have to sexualize things so much? The Boy Scouts of America has nothing to do with sex, but yet we pressure them to let people into their club based on that person’s sexual orientation. And why is this happening? Because the pressure was too much for the sissies that run the club which has been a major part in so many young men’s lives in the US. Now that the club has let people in based on their sexual orientation, why don’t they just get right to the point and start giving the kids free condoms, I mean isn’t that the goal of the liberals? To get all of the men loving each other and all of the women loving each other so that we can all live in peace? I think that we have all learned a lesson here today. Some people just can’t take the pressure. But I do know that some people, no matter how much pressure may be on them, will come through and fight for what they believe in. The goal of these people is to keep calm and do work.


One thought on “Boy Scouts of America

  1. I believe we are going to encounter a lot of horror stories from this one decision they’ve made! We used to have to worry about the BS Leaders sexually exploiting our boys; now we gotta worry about scouts exploiting scouts sexually. Just another thorn in the side of the American values. Oh wait … does America still have any morals and values left? Is there ANY organization out there safe from the LGBT people? It breaks my heart and deeply saddens me to see this come about.

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