The Government Is Full of Wimps.

It seems as though Chinese have struck again with all of this cyber hacking stuff. They have stolen blueprints for missile defense systems, fighter jets, etc which the US had given to Australia. We all know who it was, and the government has even admitted that it was the Chinese. So, what is the government going to do about it? Well, they have done nothing so far, and I believe that it’s going to stay that way. Do you know why it’s going to stay that way? It’s because we have a bunch of wimps in control of this country. Not only are they dumb, but they are wimpy push-overs. They are scared of something, though I have not figured out what it is that they are scared of yet. They are afraid to call someone out and take action. If they are hacking us, why don’t we hack them? Oh yeah, they are a lot smarter than us because of the lack of decent education in this country and the liberal, wimp spirit that comes with the liberal indoctrination of our kids. Are we really dumb enough to put our classified military documents where they can be accessed by someone thousands of miles away? That is as bad as putting a whole team of Navy SEALS on a slow, defenseless helicopter that ended up getting shot down. The stupidity of people amazes me, especially when they are running the most powerful country in the world, but as long as people are getting their obamaphones and unemployment benefits, those same moronic beings will stay right where they are.

This is why we must stay calm and do work.


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