Rick Scott Screws Up Again.

Tuesday, May 28, Florida Governor Rick Scott signs into law a new law making texting while driving a secondary criminal offense. Many advocates of the new law say, “It’s a step in the right direction, but it will be very hard to enforce.” That’s exactly right, tyranny is very hard to enforce in a free society. The government regulating what the individual does in their property (their car), with their property (their phone), and on their property (the roads). You see, many people say that the government owns the roads so we should submit to any laws they decide to enact against the people who use them. The question is, who owns the government. The answer is, we the taxpayers own the government. Without we the taxpayers, there would be no government. Many people also say that we pay the government to keep us safe. In fact, we should be paying the government to keep and maintain our rights. If protecting our rights means fighting an enemy either foreign or domestic, then, and only then do we need the government to protect us, and by government I don’t mean dirty politicians who only have interest in protecting themselves, but I mean the men who work for the government to keep the American people free. So, even though some may think that this law is protecting us, you have to think about whether you want to stay safe or stay free, because if we allow the government to get away with little acts of tyranny like this law, then they will eventually want to move up to bigger things like nightly curfews on the roads so that people with night blindness will not be able to hurt anyone else while driving at night.

You have to ask yourself these same questions when it comes to terrorism as well, and many people have already decided to give up many of their rights to privacy in order to fight terrorism. When you think about it, wouldn’t it be easy for tyranny to come upon us by people using the fear of Americans to advance their own agenda by influencing or orchestrating attacks against our country? I’m not trying to become a conspiracy theorist here, but I am asking a legitimate question. Think about this the next time your government makes a law that they say will “keep you safer”.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work.


4 thoughts on “Rick Scott Screws Up Again.

  1. The slippery-slope formal fallacy?
    Regardless, if your child was killed by someone texting while driving, you might rethink this post.

  2. If I had a child who was killed by a driver who was texting while driving, firstly I would be content in that I would know that he/she died a FREE man/woman, and secondly, I never said I support people who text and drive, but I don’t support making it law that people who text and drive should be criminalized. Thanks for commenting and liking though.

  3. I really liked this thought: “The question is, who owns the government. The answer is, we the taxpayers own the government. Without we the taxpayers, there would be no government. ”
    The thing I see is this …. you can’t enact a law for every stupid behavior out there. I don’t believe in people texting and driving either. It is dangerous; but there are many things other than this that people do while driving that is dangerous, too. Maybe we should just ban cars…. then we can all text while riding our bicycles! I’m having a cup holder on mine though!
    On a serious note, though …. our Uncle and cousin in Maryland were just involved in a bad, bad accident about 2 weeks ago. The culprits: Two teenage girls broadsided them. Don’t know what they were doing, but obviously not paying attention! Could they have been texting? Don’t know; but our uncle may not make it and those poor girls will have another charge on them – vehicular manslaughter. Lots of ways to ‘not’ pay attention in a car; texting is just one of them. Be safe out there folks; be smart; don’t text while driving; just use the common sense that God gave you so we don’t need to make more idiot laws!

    1. You’re right, and I believe that the best way to get rid of texting while driving is to get the information out there about what happens to good people sometimes when they make stupid decisions. It’s just like how we got the word out about STDs to teens, and now statistics show that teens that admit to having unprotected sex is on a downward trend. Another example is smoking. How many commercials do you see about anti-tobacco groups put out there? I don’t have any exact statistics, but I have noticed that, even though it may not help people quit very much, it helps to discourage people from trying it for the first time, and the first time is what gets you hooked.

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