World War 3.

With the recent actions taken by Russia offering all kinds of support to the Syrian government, one might think that Assad and Putin were having an affair with one another, but the fact is that, for some reason, unbenounced to the free world, Russia and China who are both Communist or at least led by Communists (let’s not fool around here) are hellbent on taking opposing views and stances to the United States. The question is, why are we so involved in a seemingly unimportant country to the United States? And, if you are thinking “Did he just say Syria is unimportant?”, yes I did just say that. We don’t need anything from Syria, so stop wasting time and resources on something that we should not even be involved in. Also, if we stay involved in this “Civil War” that’s going on in this unimportant country, guess what happens. World War 3 happens. Wouldn’t that be the most stupid thing you have ever heard? World War 3 starting because of a seemingly unimportant country in the middle of the desert. I believe that, because of Russia’s bold stance on this unimportant country, that they are looking to possibly pick a fight or at least find a reason to pick a fight in the future because they know that China has their back. Also, I just thought about something. Syria would be a good place for a new Russian (Soviet) military base close enough to Israel to start a fight if the stuff was to hit the fan, but far enough away from the homeland to keep the nukes away such as Cuba was during the Cold War even though they were there for slightly different reasons back then. I’m just describing a possible scenario that I think would make sense, but if you think differently please post a comment and I will try my best to respond.

No matter what happens, keep calm and do work.


5 thoughts on “World War 3.

  1. While I understand your reasoning, and to some extent agree, simply leaving Syria to stew into it’s own juices could result in the repetition of what happened in Yugoslavia and led the the Balkan war. Initially starting out as a civil war, it invariably led to mass genocide. I agree that the United States and Russia probably shouldn’t become actively invovled, but simply ignoring the issue could result in an even larger problem. We cite Rwanda as one of the easiest conflicts to prevent, but the choice was made not to get involved – and look how that turned out. I know these are past examples and the current circumstances are different, but they serve as a warning for what could come to pass. A repeat of the Balkan War is something that no one wants, nor does anyone want WWIII to come to pass, but it will if we are not careful. Rather than ignoring it, we need to actively work toward an amicable solution without getting involved militarily. You may disagree with my opinion, but that is how I interpret the situation.

    1. Hello, and thank you very much for your feedback. You make a good point, but there is another side to the topic of wars that we have and have not got involved in. I hate to bring it up, but think about the most infamous US failure of all time, Vietnam. Who was backing Vietnam? You know who. Who is backing Syria? You know this as well. While staying in this thing and sticking it out, may save a few Syrian lives, I am more worried about saving a lot of American lives because sometimes it’s a lose lose situation and you have to choose the lesser of two evils. My point is that if we stay in this conflict, it will end in, at the least, more tension between the free world and the two biggest countries in the world, and in worst case scenario it would end in a war that could change life as we know it, while if we withdraw now and stop wasting time and resources as I have stated before, we can still leave this and essentially portect many American lives.
      I am glad you are open-minded and can understand my point of view while you keep calm and do work.

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