Politics In One of the Most Important Areas of Kids Lives?

I have a friend who’s son is enrolled at a public high school. This kid is a very bright young man. He has always succeeded in every academic endeavor he has encountered so far in his school career. Of course, he attributes it to his God-given gift of a terrific work ethic. The Lord has definitely given this young man a gift, and I believe that he can use this gift for good in this world. Recently, this young man took the most despicable tool that the government has used to control the lives of young people, the FCAT. Basically, what this test does is tell you whether you’re moving on in your academic career or whether you’re stuck at where you’re at even if you may have had an “A” average throughout the year.

In all honesty, this test can be used to decide how a person will live the rest of their lives. If a kid fails one FCAT and it goes on their permanent record, do you think a college would just look over that? I mean, even if the poor kid had straight A’s throughout his academic career. If the kid can’t get into college, what kind of job do you think he will get? This is why this test is a bad idea, but if you think this is bad, just wait.

So, the kid takes the test, and it is a writing test in which the kid has to write an essay. The kid has been studying nothing but the format and layout of an essay for the past few months in English class. He knows all about how to write an essay. The kid writes an essay for the test. There is a topic given in the test. The information on the exact topic can’t be given, but I will make one up as an example. “Who is your favorite famous person.” Now, it was a bit more advanced than this, but I had to quickly come up with an example. So, the kid starts off the essay with an introductory paragraph explaining what he will be writing about. He explains that he will be writing about his favorite celebrity. In the introductory paragraph, he also adds his thesis statement. His thesis statement includes who is favorite person is and the three reasons why this is his favorite person. The next three paragraphs explain the three reasons that he listed in his thesis statement. These three paragraphs are called the body of the essay. In the fifth and final paragraph, he states his conclusion which also restates his thesis statement from the introduction paragraph. He did everything as he had learned in his English class, yet he made on fatal mistake. The celebrity that he chose was George H.W. Bush. The kid got a 3.5 out of 6, period.

The paper received stating the grade of the kid’s test stated that the paper was “looked over by two people, one who graded it as a 4 and one who grade it as a 3.” My first question is, what makes a person qualified to judge the entire future of a kid in high school? My second question is, how can you assure that the people grading the papers that may contain some political material are grading on whether or not the essay is written in correct form and contains a proper thesis instead of the content of the essay, especially when the future of a child is in their hands? This is unfair to the children who want to do something with their lives compared to those children who don’t care about school and just follow the herd and do as the cool kids do.

This country is supposed to be a land of equal opportunity, not equal results. I know you have heard this statement millions of times, but you can’t have both, you have to have one or the other, and the liberal agenda which is being put in place contains an attempt to have equal results. The problem with this is that when you have equal results, the people who are gifted and have great work ethic and work their tales off every day to feed themselves and their families are forced onto the same level with the lazies and the leeches of society.

No matter the agenda, however, no politics should be involved in the grading of the most important test of a young kid’s life. Oh, and the kid gave me his permission to post this which shows the disgrace of our government.

I will fight for justice and liberty till my dying breath while I keep calm and do work. 


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