There are people in this world who do unspeakable and indescribable things. The reasons that they do these things are known solely by the person and their Creator. Some of these people are at least willing to own up to what they did and admit that it was wrong such as Staff Sgt. Robert Bales who murdered 16 innocent Afghans. Then there are the even colder-blooded murderers who murder people and think that they can get away with it such as the “joker” aka James Holmes. To be honest, when it comes to the “Joker”, I would like to “joke around” with his face for a few minutes. Anyway, I know it’s hard to believe that I would consider some murderers more evil than others, but when you murder someone and then tell the judge that you are “insane”, you are the worse than someone who murders and admits to it and admits that what they did was wrong in my eyes, although my eyes are not as just as the Almighty’s.

This next paragraph will bring me to my next point which is: why do we let people who plead “insanity” after they murder someone get off easy? We give them a few years in a mental institution and eventually we usually end up evaluating their mental situation after a few years, and since they were faking it in the first place, they are, of course, fit to go back into society. If they are insane enough to murder a large group of innocent people, why do we the taxpayers need to be feeding and supporting him in his little mental institution? And God only knows they will get disability checks when they go free. Wouldn’t it just be easier on us, the innocent people to just pay for this guy one time by paying for his execution?

This brings me to another point. Why do we let these murderers sit on death row for twenty to thirty years before we finally end their useless lives? We pay for these murderers’ meals and clothes and other necessities while he or she is sitting in jail doing nothing for us the taxpayers. This is why the we need to get this new law that’s been introduced into effect. The new law that I am talking about is the one that speeds up the execution process for convicted murderers.

However, in order to get this law passed, we must keep calm and do work, so then that’s just what we do.


3 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. Hello, thanks for commenting. Insanity means having a lack of reason or sensibleness. Do gangbangers use reason when they murder other gangbangers? Yes, they do because their sense of reason tells them that rival gang members are their enemy, and that they must eliminate the enemy. Since they are using reason, they are not insane, therefore every act of murder can’t be committed because of insanity. My point was that what is the point of keeping an insane person alive after they have murdered someone since they can no longer contribute to society. Thanks again for commenting.

    1. I apologize for failing to get my point across. I agree with your post. No one should be able to claim insanity because every act of murder is insane; that, to take another person’s life – except in self-defense – goes beyond the point of reason. Every single person who is found guilty of murder should face the death penalty.

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