As Americans, our division will lead to our ultimate destruction. Ask yourself a question. Why would someone want the destruction of the United States? Because the US is the most powerful nation in the world? No. This is what many people believe, but the fact is that even if we are not the most powerful nation in the world, we are still the most influential nation in the world. When you think about it, a nation with influence is much more powerful than a nation with military strength. People like the United States. Nobody likes China, not even the Chinese. The only people that like Russia are the Russians. These are the only two nations that could contend in any way with the United States in any field whether it be military strength, economics, etc. With the influential factor of the United States, they can’t match the overall power of the United States. So, what’s the solution? Make the people inside the United States hate each other. What’s going on in this country? The country gets more divided by the day, and there is hate between Americans. Americans hate each other. Liberals hate Conservatives and vice versa. Religious tensions are all over the place. Racial tensions are all over the place. Cultural tensions are all over the place.

Eventually there will be war. The war allows the enemy to swoop in and takes sides, and since the influential country is  divided, influence is out of the equation. Since influence is now out of the equation, it is all about military strength and resources. The enemy will no doubt have the military strength and resource advantage, and they will choose the side which agrees with their ideologies. The enemy will no doubt then have influence over the country once their side wins. They will choose the leaders, write the new Constitution, open up the prison camps for their political prisoners, pass out the balls and chains, and tell their slaves to get to work. Just like that, the most influential country in the world is down to working the fields and getting their measly food and water rations every other day.

The way to prevent this is to keep calm and do work.

Don’t let America destroy itself.


One thought on “Division

  1. Many a great empire has fallen; the greatest of which was the Roman Empire. Can it happen here? yes, but not for the reasons you think. When God is no longer the priority in the lives of a people/nation, judgment comes. The United States is a Client Nation to God. As a Client nation, we are blessed with Freedom and Prosperity and the ability to send out missionaries. Everywhere we turn, it is as you say, a House Divided. The worst division is between those who believe in GOD and those who don’t. When the Pivot of positive believers is smaller than the multitude of the non-believers, we’re in big trouble. God opens the gate Himself to let the enemy come in. And this, my friend, is where we’re at. The enemy is here. What will save this country is the attitude of the believer; becoming mature spiritual beings. Growing the pivot of strong, mature believers; believers who are obedient to God’s plan and purpose for humanity. As much as we would love to think it is about the ‘enemy’, in reality it is more about HIM, and His plan; His purpose; His mercy: His Grace. History already has been written. The Bible completely lets us know ‘the rest of the story’. There is nothing that will stop history as it is already written and prophesied from taking place. The only thing that we can hold on to is God and His Word; his Promises; His Plan: His purpose. We all need to look more to Him, than to what is going on around us, but just know that none of it takes God by surprise. Keep Calm and Take in God’s Word – Daily – by a prepared Pastor Teacher – who can accurately divide it. Because the only real division is between: Good and Evil

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