God and Science.

Don’t be too lazy to read this, it is very important. Sometimes I ask myself questions and the answers are given. I know how they get there, well, unless the government now has the power of mind control. Anyway, the question today was, “How do God and science have a connection?” Boom, there it was in my mind. The answer is pretty simple, actually. You see, God gave us science to explore the creation that is earth and its components so that we as the human race may grow and learn about things and use these things that were put here to benefit us. We can use the knowledge that we gain to further our dominance over disease and sickness, advance our technology to make life easier and make it easier to connect with other people and evangelize, and also to make new weapons to protect ourselves. However, some people many many years ago felt as though science was the solution to all of life’s problems. This belief that all of their problems were solved led to them feeling as though they no longer needed God. Over generations this led to people completely forgetting and eventually even dismissing the existence of God. Some say ignorance is bliss, but in this case, ignorance is hell. In this way, science was used as one of many of God’s tests for mankind. The weak believers were the ones who thought science solved all problems, and the strong believers were the ones such as Isaac Newton, Capernicus, and Galileo who used science for what it was meant to be used for, the advancement of mankind.
Keep calm and do work.

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