Divided, We Are Falling.

The United States is on a downward spiral. There are some of “us” who are bringing the rest down. The majority of we Americans who have different ideas, styles of living, different geography, etc. want to live our lives together in a free country peacefully. However, those “Americans”, you may call them radicals, who can’t stand those who disagree with their ideas, styles of living, etc. are bringing us down. You see, some bigots don’t want to hear opinions differing from theirs and therefore, instead of just separating themselves from their “enemies”, they decide to attack and silence them, therefore causing division in the country. These radicals sometimes even tend to rub off on their peers by feeding them propaganda such as “Don’t you know how good it would be if we didn’t have to deal with all of those…”, and you can insert whatever the situation calls for. The growing of the radicalization and bigotry in America is astonishing in today’s world. You can’t possibly hope to inform the other side of the conversation without getting into an argument. People are no longer willing to listen to reason or even to listen to or consider the other side of a story. Racial and cultural tensions are peaking as well, headlined by the you-know-who case currently in progress. There seems to be a racial crusade led by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton although I haven’t heard a thing from them since this trial started, however I’m sure they’re still making noise over there on PMSNBC. I don’t understand why nobody is appalled by the use of a young man’s death to start a racial crusade.

The point that I’m getting to is that we have already been divided in a variety of ways as Americans. This nation will not get anywhere with division. A change has to be made and will be made. I say, if the radicals want to live life with nobody to object to their ideas, let them have what they want, just keep them away from me. Let the people who like diversity and democracy live their lives without the radicals. It’s a simple but important idea, because divided, we are falling.

Keep calm and do work.


One thought on “Divided, We Are Falling.

  1. No matter what happens to this country or any country, my friend … always remember this one TRUTH …. Jesus Christ controls history. Keep calm and take in doctrine. The Devil’s world was meant for Division – those who BELIEVE and follow our Lord and those who don’t. Just keep plugging in the Word; it is the ONLY thing that matters. Leave all the judging and punishments and even the blessings up to the one who does it better than any of us. Focus on Eternity, cause this is not where we really live; we are mere sojourners…..

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