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Amnesty and Unicorn Fairy Land.

I’m getting straight to the point in this post. Granting amnesty to 11 million illegals in the United States is the worst thing you can possibly do in the situation we’re in. First of all, Marco Rubio and the other liberals out there may lie and tell you that none of these new “Americans” will be able to collect any type of welfare. This is BS, however. You see, I know people who currently have friends that lie about their current state of living in order to get food stamps. If we can’t properly regulate who we give entitlements to right now, how are we going to do it with 11 million more people after we give them amnesty. Sure, you can believe that these people would not try and deceive the government to get entitlements, but you’re living in the land of fairies and unicorns. I’ll see you there tonight in my dreams. Man, if I had a dollar for everyone who I thought was a decent Conservative that turned out to be a push-over, scared, weak, a poser, or a cry baby, I could buy an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt and stand next to Rand Paul since he is now apparently supporting this immigration bill from what I’ve heard. I may be wrong, but as of today, someone told me that Rand Paul is now on the ads for the bill along with Mr. Rubio. All I can say is Ted Cruz is my hero.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work, please.