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We Need To Fix Our Schools.

Why do we teach so many things in our public schools that are useless in the real world? The origin of mankind. I’m sure that one day when a grown man or woman is about to perform surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from a woman’s breast or a man’s prostate or when a man is on his way to make $150 doing a tree trimming job, they will look back and use the origin of mankind to help them with their job.

This is called the indoctrination of ideas. Another example would be in a health class. Instead of telling kids what to eat and telling them that 55 percent (or whatever the percentage is) of this country is obese, you should only be telling them what is healthy and what is not healthy and let them make the decisions for themselves. These stupid charts that the kids bring home where they have to log what they eat and how much they sleep and such things are a bunch of unnecessary crap that the government wastes the taxpayers’ money on. Our kids deserve a good education at school, not indoctrination. Leave the indoctrinating to us, the family. We don’t need schools telling our kids what to believe and what to do with their lives. We need schools teaching our kids about history, with the real facts by the way, as well as math and reading and writing. Basic science is necessary, but the curriculum needs to be changed to what our kids really need to know about their bodies, the beasts of the earth, the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air, as well as other basic biology and chemistry, and by biology I mean real biology. I mean the biology that tells us how things work and doesn’t try to explain why. When you try and answer the question “why?” the answer becomes indoctrination. Also, I’m not condemning science in any way, for if a child wants to continue into the heavily advanced science and become a scientist, I have no problem with this, but as for other children who want to live their lives differently and don’t need all of this advanced indoctrination, they need only the basics so that they can have enough time to complete important classes that will help them through life the way that they want to live it.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work. I would suggest that you not tread on me, if you know what’s good for you.