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The Downfall of the United States.

The United States of America is too far gone for the pieces to be picked up and put back together. The real Americans are the in it for themselvesĀ people you see that are just trying to get on with their daily lives and work to make a living and provide for their families and so on and so forth. Then, you have the politicians who are really just in it for themselves and their own well-being. Back when the US was at its best, the majority of the politicians weren’t only in it for themselves andĀ the big businesses that give them big money. Many of them were in it for the people, they wanted what the people wanted. Our politicians are no longer like this. They no longer fight for the taxpayer. This is a factor in the downfall of the United States. Then, you have all of these nut jobs who get paid to sit around all day and think of ways to stir stuff up and cause drama, because nobody can just go on with their day peacefully around these people. I’m talking about people like Al Sharpton. He gets paid to go around and stir up racial tensions which is essentially killing this country. I hope he realizes one day when he is tied up in chains one day under a Communist government that he helped cause the downfall of the United States. Then, you have the people who follow hate and race-baiters like Al. These people are the ones who call for peace and “war is not the answer” until something doesn’t go their way. When something doesn’t go their way, they throw rocks and poop on cop cars.

One day, the normal people, the real Americans, will get fed up with all of the bull that the other groups that I mentioned put them through. Sometimes, you have to fight for peacefulness.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work.