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I find it severely insulting that I must pay a large portion of my paycheck that I worked my tail off to EARN to a government who can’t pay their own bills and has an uncontrollable spending problem. We continue to pay our hard-earned money to those who sit around all day and do nothing whether it be the politicians or the welfare recipients. The current government has to be put to death, and a new one must be raised. If I’m in jail tomorrow, it’s because a just made a “terroristic threat”. You see, this another area where the government has made its biggest mistake. The government intends to imprison anyone who disagrees with it, they call this “keeping the American people safe”, no, it’s actually the government’s way of covering their own behinds so that nobody can speak out or make a good point against it. So, let them take me in. The Lord is my witness in the courtroom of Justice.


“The word “fact” is being thrown around lately. It used to be true that a fact was something that was known to be true without a doubt. Nowadays, a fact is the majority’s opinion of reality. Fact can’t be based on opinion, only opinions based on facts, unless you’re living in today’s world. The world is backwards.” —Christ’sCrusader

Think about this while you keep calm and do work.