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“I’d like to say that I’m a patriot, but it’s hard to love my country when it is the way it is. Stay out of my business, my money, and get your dirty rotten hands out of my BIBLE (“gay marriage”). Everyone deserves all of the things mentioned above, and when nobody does get these things, the true patriots won’t put up with it. Tyranny is going down.”

I would suggest you don’t tread on me if you know what’s good for you.


Rick Scott Screws Up Again.

Tuesday, May 28, Florida Governor Rick Scott signs into law a new law making texting while driving a secondary criminal offense. Many advocates of the new law say, “It’s a step in the right direction, but it will be very hard to enforce.” That’s exactly right, tyranny is very hard to enforce in a free society. The government regulating what the individual does in their property (their car), with their property (their phone), and on their property (the roads). You see, many people say that the government owns the roads so we should submit to any laws they decide to enact against the people who use them. The question is, who owns the government. The answer is, we the taxpayers own the government. Without we the taxpayers, there would be no government. Many people also say that we pay the government to keep us safe. In fact, we should be paying the government to keep and maintain our rights. If protecting our rights means fighting an enemy either foreign or domestic, then, and only then do we need the government to protect us, and by government I don’t mean dirty politicians who only have interest in protecting themselves, but I mean the men who work for the government to keep the American people free. So, even though some may think that this law is protecting us, you have to think about whether you want to stay safe or stay free, because if we allow the government to get away with little acts of tyranny like this law, then they will eventually want to move up to bigger things like nightly curfews on the roads so that people with night blindness will not be able to hurt anyone else while driving at night.

You have to ask yourself these same questions when it comes to terrorism as well, and many people have already decided to give up many of their rights to privacy in order to fight terrorism. When you think about it, wouldn’t it be easy for tyranny to come upon us by people using the fear of Americans to advance their own agenda by influencing or orchestrating attacks against our country? I’m not trying to become a conspiracy theorist here, but I am asking a legitimate question. Think about this the next time your government makes a law that they say will “keep you safer”.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work.

The Government Is Full of Wimps.

It seems as though Chinese have struck again with all of this cyber hacking stuff. They have stolen blueprints for missile defense systems, fighter jets, etc which the US had given to Australia. We all know who it was, and the government has even admitted that it was the Chinese. So, what is the government going to do about it? Well, they have done nothing so far, and I believe that it’s going to stay that way. Do you know why it’s going to stay that way? It’s because we have a bunch of wimps in control of this country. Not only are they dumb, but they are wimpy push-overs. They are scared of something, though I have not figured out what it is that they are scared of yet. They are afraid to call someone out and take action. If they are hacking us, why don’t we hack them? Oh yeah, they are a lot smarter than us because of the lack of decent education in this country and the liberal, wimp spirit that comes with the liberal indoctrination of our kids. Are we really dumb enough to put our classified military documents where they can be accessed by someone thousands of miles away? That is as bad as putting a whole team of Navy SEALS on a slow, defenseless helicopter that ended up getting shot down. The stupidity of people amazes me, especially when they are running the most powerful country in the world, but as long as people are getting their obamaphones and unemployment benefits, those same moronic beings will stay right where they are.

This is why we must stay calm and do work.

The Working Man Ain’t Dead.

There is this movement going on that really isn’t a movement, but it is a state of mind. It is a view of reality shared by many that just happens to make perfect sense. It is a group of people who want the best for the country they love and are ready to fight for it. It is a group of people who love their rights as individuals in a free nation who won’t back down from tyranny when it comes knocking at their door. It is an opinion based on reality. It is an opinion based on experience and success. It is an opinion that learns from failure and capitalizes on its opponent’s weakness. It is a realization that occur rs at the perfect time. It is the view shared by only the smartest on earth. It is a way of life for many a man and many a woman. It is the base on which America stands and the hand to lift it up when it falls. It is the reason there is no tyranny. It gets stronger with more scrutiny. It gets pushed but does not budge. It is the unstoppable force and the immovable object. It is here, and it is here to stay. It is the defender of our rights. It is the defender of our liberty. It has been and always will be the right way. It is a belief, a work ethic, and a savior of our great country. It is coming back to replant its roots which were ripped up, though not completely, by big government. It is the mortar which holds up the brick which are the principles of our country. It is many things. It is Conservatism, with its spokesperson, the working man, and its foremost guardian, the Tea Party.

What Are the Keys To Success In a Free Market Economy?

With Democrats and Republicans continuously arguing over how to handle the economy, you might be a little bit confused as to what is good for who in a free market economy. The fact is that no matter how much both parties argue over who has the better talking points, nothing gets done. I am here to propose basic solutions to common problems. You may have heard these solutions before, but I am going to tell you exactly why and how they work.

First of all, the first step to success for everybody in the nation is lowering the unemployment rate. When you dig down deep, you find that it all comes back to taxes and regulations. The lower the taxes and the fewer the regulations, the less unnecessary money a business will have to spend. With more money being kept by the business and with business being easier to handle because of fewer regulations, the more the business will be able to make money and expand. Some regulation on business is necessary to keep things that may be harmful to people off of store shelves and such, but unnecessary regulation is easy to spot and get rid of. If you raise taxes and regulations on businesses and business owners, the more unnecessary money they have to spend, and the more money being lost by the business means the less possibility of room for growth for the business. When a business grows, guess what happens; they hire people! When a whole bunch of businesses are allowed to grow in a free market, a whole bunch of people will be hired. When a whole bunch of people are hired, guess what happens to the unemployment rate; it goes down.

When your unemployment rate goes down and more people have jobs which is good for the workers of America, that means more people are paying taxes. When more people are paying taxes then the government brings in more revenue and it is all-around good for the economy which is good for everyone. When all of this happens, it shows up as a lot of good for whoever is leading the country. However, before you have more people paying taxes, you have to have some way to be able to pay for the tax cuts. In order to cut the intake of money by the government you have to cut how much the government spends. When you take a close look at what the government spends money on, you find some really rediculous things that can take up a lot of money even though it is not necessary to spend really any money on. I just want everyone to realize that raising taxes on the rich is a lose lose situation for the workers and for the business owners. We can tax our way into recession, which is good for Socialism and even Communism because when you’re in a recession for long enough, people tend to become desperate to get their country back in shape, and some people will do anything to do this and so anything besides free market seems good to them even thought the solution to all of the problems lies in free market itself, you just have to know how to encourage growth and success for everyone.

Please help the low-information voters to understand basic economics. Keep calm and do work.

“America is the land of the free and the home of the free  market”