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The Real Intolerance.

Are the people who have ideas differing from society’s norms really the intolerant ones? Or is it the people who refuse to listen or even try and comprehend these ideas simply because they are different? I have been told that I am “intolerant” because I don’t “support gays”. Then when I try to tell those people why I don’t “support gays” that have no interest in hearing my ideas and beliefs. You see, with the “politically correct” people today, they support all people’s rights except for people that they don’t agree with.

Intolerance is truly an existing presence in the United States and around the world today, but it’s not coming from the people that you may think. The people screaming “intolerance!” are the ones you can bet on if you are wondering where the intolerance comes from. You could truly call it hypocrisy along with many other things that the “politically correct”, hate-filled people cry about.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work.


World War 3.

With the recent actions taken by Russia offering all kinds of support to the Syrian government, one might think that Assad and Putin were having an affair with one another, but the fact is that, for some reason, unbenounced to the free world, Russia and China who are both Communist or at least led by Communists (let’s not fool around here) are hellbent on taking opposing views and stances to the United States. The question is, why are we so involved in a seemingly unimportant country to the United States? And, if you are thinking “Did he just say Syria is unimportant?”, yes I did just say that. We don’t need anything from Syria, so stop wasting time and resources on something that we should not even be involved in. Also, if we stay involved in this “Civil War” that’s going on in this unimportant country, guess what happens. World War 3 happens. Wouldn’t that be the most stupid thing you have ever heard? World War 3 starting because of a seemingly unimportant country in the middle of the desert. I believe that, because of Russia’s bold stance on this unimportant country, that they are looking to possibly pick a fight or at least find a reason to pick a fight in the future because they know that China has their back. Also, I just thought about something. Syria would be a good place for a new Russian (Soviet) military base close enough to Israel to start a fight if the stuff was to hit the fan, but far enough away from the homeland to keep the nukes away such as Cuba was during the Cold War even though they were there for slightly different reasons back then. I’m just describing a possible scenario that I think would make sense, but if you think differently please post a comment and I will try my best to respond.

No matter what happens, keep calm and do work.