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The Real Intolerance.

Are the people who have ideas differing from society’s norms really the intolerant ones? Or is it the people who refuse to listen or even try and comprehend these ideas simply because they are different? I have been told that I am “intolerant” because I don’t “support gays”. Then when I try to tell those people why I don’t “support gays” that have no interest in hearing my ideas and beliefs. You see, with the “politically correct” people today, they support all people’s rights except for people that they don’t agree with.

Intolerance is truly an existing presence in the United States and around the world today, but it’s not coming from the people that you may think. The people screaming “intolerance!” are the ones you can bet on if you are wondering where the intolerance comes from. You could truly call it hypocrisy along with many other things that the “politically correct”, hate-filled people cry about.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work.


The Downfall of the United States.

The United States of America is too far gone for the pieces to be picked up and put back together. The real Americans are the in it for themselves people you see that are just trying to get on with their daily lives and work to make a living and provide for their families and so on and so forth. Then, you have the politicians who are really just in it for themselves and their own well-being. Back when the US was at its best, the majority of the politicians weren’t only in it for themselves and the big businesses that give them big money. Many of them were in it for the people, they wanted what the people wanted. Our politicians are no longer like this. They no longer fight for the taxpayer. This is a factor in the downfall of the United States. Then, you have all of these nut jobs who get paid to sit around all day and think of ways to stir stuff up and cause drama, because nobody can just go on with their day peacefully around these people. I’m talking about people like Al Sharpton. He gets paid to go around and stir up racial tensions which is essentially killing this country. I hope he realizes one day when he is tied up in chains one day under a Communist government that he helped cause the downfall of the United States. Then, you have the people who follow hate and race-baiters like Al. These people are the ones who call for peace and “war is not the answer” until something doesn’t go their way. When something doesn’t go their way, they throw rocks and poop on cop cars.

One day, the normal people, the real Americans, will get fed up with all of the bull that the other groups that I mentioned put them through. Sometimes, you have to fight for peacefulness.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work.

Divided, We Are Falling.

The United States is on a downward spiral. There are some of “us” who are bringing the rest down. The majority of we Americans who have different ideas, styles of living, different geography, etc. want to live our lives together in a free country peacefully. However, those “Americans”, you may call them radicals, who can’t stand those who disagree with their ideas, styles of living, etc. are bringing us down. You see, some bigots don’t want to hear opinions differing from theirs and therefore, instead of just separating themselves from their “enemies”, they decide to attack and silence them, therefore causing division in the country. These radicals sometimes even tend to rub off on their peers by feeding them propaganda such as “Don’t you know how good it would be if we didn’t have to deal with all of those…”, and you can insert whatever the situation calls for. The growing of the radicalization and bigotry in America is astonishing in today’s world. You can’t possibly hope to inform the other side of the conversation without getting into an argument. People are no longer willing to listen to reason or even to listen to or consider the other side of a story. Racial and cultural tensions are peaking as well, headlined by the you-know-who case currently in progress. There seems to be a racial crusade led by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton although I haven’t heard a thing from them since this trial started, however I’m sure they’re still making noise over there on PMSNBC. I don’t understand why nobody is appalled by the use of a young man’s death to start a racial crusade.

The point that I’m getting to is that we have already been divided in a variety of ways as Americans. This nation will not get anywhere with division. A change has to be made and will be made. I say, if the radicals want to live life with nobody to object to their ideas, let them have what they want, just keep them away from me. Let the people who like diversity and democracy live their lives without the radicals. It’s a simple but important idea, because divided, we are falling.

Keep calm and do work.

I find it severely insulting that I must pay a large portion of my paycheck that I worked my tail off to EARN to a government who can’t pay their own bills and has an uncontrollable spending problem. We continue to pay our hard-earned money to those who sit around all day and do nothing whether it be the politicians or the welfare recipients. The current government has to be put to death, and a new one must be raised. If I’m in jail tomorrow, it’s because a just made a “terroristic threat”. You see, this another area where the government has made its biggest mistake. The government intends to imprison anyone who disagrees with it, they call this “keeping the American people safe”, no, it’s actually the government’s way of covering their own behinds so that nobody can speak out or make a good point against it. So, let them take me in. The Lord is my witness in the courtroom of Justice.

“I’d like to say that I’m a patriot, but it’s hard to love my country when it is the way it is. Stay out of my business, my money, and get your dirty rotten hands out of my BIBLE (“gay marriage”). Everyone deserves all of the things mentioned above, and when nobody does get these things, the true patriots won’t put up with it. Tyranny is going down.”

I would suggest you don’t tread on me if you know what’s good for you.

We Need To Fix Our Schools.

Why do we teach so many things in our public schools that are useless in the real world? The origin of mankind. I’m sure that one day when a grown man or woman is about to perform surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from a woman’s breast or a man’s prostate or when a man is on his way to make $150 doing a tree trimming job, they will look back and use the origin of mankind to help them with their job.

This is called the indoctrination of ideas. Another example would be in a health class. Instead of telling kids what to eat and telling them that 55 percent (or whatever the percentage is) of this country is obese, you should only be telling them what is healthy and what is not healthy and let them make the decisions for themselves. These stupid charts that the kids bring home where they have to log what they eat and how much they sleep and such things are a bunch of unnecessary crap that the government wastes the taxpayers’ money on. Our kids deserve a good education at school, not indoctrination. Leave the indoctrinating to us, the family. We don’t need schools telling our kids what to believe and what to do with their lives. We need schools teaching our kids about history, with the real facts by the way, as well as math and reading and writing. Basic science is necessary, but the curriculum needs to be changed to what our kids really need to know about their bodies, the beasts of the earth, the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air, as well as other basic biology and chemistry, and by biology I mean real biology. I mean the biology that tells us how things work and doesn’t try to explain why. When you try and answer the question “why?” the answer becomes indoctrination. Also, I’m not condemning science in any way, for if a child wants to continue into the heavily advanced science and become a scientist, I have no problem with this, but as for other children who want to live their lives differently and don’t need all of this advanced indoctrination, they need only the basics so that they can have enough time to complete important classes that will help them through life the way that they want to live it.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work. I would suggest that you not tread on me, if you know what’s good for you.


Amnesty and Unicorn Fairy Land.

I’m getting straight to the point in this post. Granting amnesty to 11 million illegals in the United States is the worst thing you can possibly do in the situation we’re in. First of all, Marco Rubio and the other liberals out there may lie and tell you that none of these new “Americans” will be able to collect any type of welfare. This is BS, however. You see, I know people who currently have friends that lie about their current state of living in order to get food stamps. If we can’t properly regulate who we give entitlements to right now, how are we going to do it with 11 million more people after we give them amnesty. Sure, you can believe that these people would not try and deceive the government to get entitlements, but you’re living in the land of fairies and unicorns. I’ll see you there tonight in my dreams. Man, if I had a dollar for everyone who I thought was a decent Conservative that turned out to be a push-over, scared, weak, a poser, or a cry baby, I could buy an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt and stand next to Rand Paul since he is now apparently supporting this immigration bill from what I’ve heard. I may be wrong, but as of today, someone told me that Rand Paul is now on the ads for the bill along with Mr. Rubio. All I can say is Ted Cruz is my hero.

Think about this while you keep calm and do work, please.